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Upton Primary School

Iris Avenue



Upton Primary School is located in a beautiful setting in Bexley with substantial open areas for pupils and patrons to enjoy and learn.  The School is dedicated to providing the best of education and facilities and this includes the provision of school lunch and related hospitality to the highest standards.  The School has 453 pupils and 70 staff on site.

The school boasts a modern kitchen and dining facilities that is capable of delivering lunch to a substantial number of customers.

The school is looking for a catering partner to really drive take up and engagement with the wider potential customer base.  Expressions of interest are sought from professional caterers who can demonstrate high quality appealing foods, that meet with the needs of Upton’s pupils as well be nutritious and sustainable.

Expressions of interest are due by 1200hrs on 3rd November 2023.

Contract Start date: 01st August 2024

Length of contract: 3 plus 2 years

Estimated contract value: £100,000