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The four tiers of training evaluation and assessment.

Level 4 – RESULTS – measure the effects on the business or environment resulting from the learner’s enhanced performance, e.g. increased meal take-up means profits are also increased

Level 3 – BEHAVIOUR – measures the extent to which a learner’s capability has improved and is evident in the learner’s behaviour or practice, e.g. more food is cooked from scratch and less is bought-in readymade, which means that the learner is applying what they have learned and school meals are more nutritious

Level 2 – LEARNING – measures the increase in knowledge or capability as a result of the training, e.g. learner achieves a personal goal or completes a qualification

Level 1 – REACTION – measures what a learner thought and felt about the training, which can be measured by learner satisfaction data, e.g. exit interviews upon completion of training showing improved confidence, etc.