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Following detailed consultations and observations GY5 will construct and manage the entire best value tender process. This entails navigation of compliance to audit requirements as well as legislative protocols essential for an impartial and un-challengeable tender process. Being independent- tenders are open to the market place with no restrictions on small to medium businesses allowing pre-qualifying criteria is met. Audit ability is key to procurement; however GY5 works with clients to expand its thinking on catering delivery to achieve agreed core principles of: People, Food and Communication.

These entail clear Key Performance Ideologies (KPI’s)

People- Training and motivation to include level 3 and above for catering managers, bonus and achievement targets, praise, ownership

Food- Fully traceable commodities, high quality ingredients, sustainability/ local supply, British predominance, nutritious healthy production

Communication- A high level business to business structure from the support and office based staff supporting the catering delivery. Locally empowered teams able to make service decisions on the spot

KPI’s are agreed as part of the tendering process and form part of on-going monitoring. This process is unique to GY5 and results in better communications, financial performance, customer and client satisfaction- not to mention high culinary standards and ecosensitivity.

Our method is fixed to a series of key milestone dates. Tender papers include contracts, specifications, objectives and financial templates as well as agreed method statements based on the core principals agreed following consultations. Tender evaluations are sophisticated summaries of returned bids ensuring a full analysis is achieved and scrutinized. These are presented in alpha numerical format, essentially in plain English with supporting evidence and weighted scoring. GY5 undertakes all the leg work and communications, with the client fully informed and in charge.

Clients can chose differing levels of support for tendering-

  1. Full tender management
  2. Partial support with full paperwork supplied and agreed essential input
  3. Templates with guidance/ advice

Tenders are managed as both traditionally hard copy issues as well as on-line secure formats

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