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For Education Clients

Schools, academies, clusters and large groups.

2014 marks a new era for food service in education and to mark this OUTSTANDING! has been created to develop bespoke enhanced services to schools.

Whether you are tendering your service, reviewing your current provision, going in house or even building a new kitchen and restaurant facility OUTSTANDING! may well be worth considering.

The principles are based on the very highest standards of:

  • Nutrition
  • Superior ingredients and cuisine
  • Design and contemporary environments
  • Efficient production and service to incorporate the expansion of your customer base
  • Environmental and home growing
  • People management, motivation and training
  • Highest food hygiene standards and compliance
  • Exciting marketing
  • Ingredient compliance and authenticity
  • Allergen legislation compliance
  • ESSENTIALLY all the attributes required to achieve an OUTSTANDING! food service

This differs from mainstream procurement or consulting services as it is designed to provide top end advice, development and training programmes to raise the bar in food services in education.  OUTSTANDING! will provide you with a lead expert to navigate your project(s) incorporating the above principals to ensure you: increase take up, improve financial viability and provide the very best in class when it comes to your food and beverage service to students, staff and your communities.

Projects are managed with full audtitability and transparency but focus on quality in every respect and will be managed by experienced professionals.

OUTSTANDING! creates its own specifications and criteria for organisations to aspire to in order to improve the overall delivery to students…