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GY5 features regularly in the media.  This particular story featured on the efforts of us and other catering experts who proudly implement and monitor the food based and nutrient standards in schools, with GY5 stating “we must fight to keep these standards…”.

A great deal of effort has been achieved over the years and GY5 can report that the quality end of school meals providers have done extremely well meeting and exceeding these standards whilst delivering an economical catering service.

Whereas a “relaxing” of standards has slowly rolled in we implore schools to treat these standards as they would for English, Maths and the rest of the curriculum!

Why are continued standards needed? Food based: These provide a simple guide to the levels of high salt, sugar and fat production that should be limited in the cyclic menu and promote healthy options to be provided.  Nutrient standards: These provide an essential guide to the balance  of nutrients in the core lunch offers to ensure a typical consumer can, over a three week period, enjoy the full range of beneficial nutrients.  It also encourages caterers to assess levels of sodium, fat, energy etc to ensure positive nutrients out way “harmful” (if excessively consumed) nutrients.

Features can be seen in the Education Caterer, Caterer & Hotelkeeper, FSM magasine to mention a few..